• Why Hire a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

    Some brides attempt to do their own make-up before the ceremony, or have a friend do it, but often realize too late that they won’t be able to give their make-up the time and attention it deserves.  Other brides with smaller budgets are quick to cut makeup services, either as a cost savings or because they assume that makeup services are out of reach financially.  However, before making a decision you may regret, consider these top five reasons to hire a professional artist….

    1.  All eyes (and cameras) will be on YOU! On your wedding day, you are making memories for a lifetime. How do those memories get preserved? A saved program or cake topper, yes. But primarily in your wedding album, which will be full of pictures of YOU, the bride. Ask yourself, will a DIY makeup job really be the image you want to see? With a makeup artist, you can be assured that your beauty today will be preserved for your grandchildren!

    2. Correct those flaws, don’t just cover them! Every woman has a scar, blemish, puffy bags, under-eye circles or a tattoo they wish would disappear for their wedding day. Properly correcting these flaws ensures they will be invisible both to the naked eye AND for the camera. This takes more expertise and skill than just a tube of concealer and your fingertip!  For this one so-important day, please leave this to a pro.

    3. No Pasty faces here! Poorly matched foundation is the classic mistake in a D-I-Y makeup job by someone who does not understand color theory. Imagine every one of your wedding pictures with your face several shades too light, or just simply the WRONG color. Unfortunately, this is NOT a problem that your photographer can just photo-shop out! A professional makeup artist will properly match your skin’s depth of color and undertone, using proper methods to highlight and contour your face.

    4. Photo-ready and made to last. The quality of ingredients and formulation in makeup products is crucial on your wedding day. That’s why makeup artists are always searching for the best products to use with their clients – they’ve tried it all! Professional products have been specially formulated to look exactly the same in person as they do in print or on film. Plus, no matter how much kissing and crying you do, or how oily you might get, pro products can take it all in stride! With a pro artist, your makeup will be fresh and beautiful from the I-Do’s to the bouquet toss!

    5. In those final hours before the ceremony do you want to be rushed and anxious about your makeup, or would you rather be comforted as a makeup professional takes care of all the details? Proactively plan to relax and enjoy the day with your bridal party. Be kind to yourself and delegate that responsibility to a pro.

    Congratulations on your engagement! I hope your wedding day is perfect!

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